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34th International and National Origami Convention

Special guest: Sebastien Limet

Dear Origamists!
This year's meeting will take place on 9-11 August in Pécs at the Miroslav Krleža Croatian School Center (7624 Pécs, Szigeti u. 97).
Last year's Thursday evening batyus (homemade) dinner was so successful that we are looking forward to homemade delicacies again this year. Everyone brings their home favorites: sausage, ham, bacon, spreadable toppings or what grows in the garden, radishes, cucumbers...etc. We make a big "spread, spread my table" and talk and fold. We provide paper, books and publications, all you need to bring: is a good mood.
On Friday morning we will visit the Glove Museum of Pécs, where we will learn about the professional tricks of glove production and finally we can try out how to create from raw leather. The program starts at 9 a.m. in the downtown walking street. Parking here is very difficult so we go there by bus.
In the afternoon we will put up the exhibition, registration and folding will begin.
On Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. our guest of honor Sebastien Limet will present himself as part of the opening program. We spend the evening in a French atmosphere, with music games and prizes.
Classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday according to the traditional schedule.
Of course, there will be a general meeting and raffle and an origami shop with papers and books.
This year's meeting closes after lunch on Sunday.

Everybody is welcome!

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2024. augusztus 9. 18.00 - 2024. augusztus 11. 14.00
Magyar Origami Kör
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